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I wish my life were a Fairytale.

My names Mariah. Mariah-Lynn Ferjancic. Im 18 years old, Im Taken&Engaged<3. i'm shy when you first meet me but after awhile i losen up and im Crazy and Random :D.

Follow me on here and i will follow you back. i promise.

Random facts about me.

-Im Vegtable-tarian. i just yelled at my gma the other day cause she wont believe me, i told her to stop feeding me so much chicken.
-I wanna travel the world.
-I live with my Grandparents cause my Mother or Father arnt able to take care of me as well as they should.
-I wasnt born in America.
-Im inlove with the most amazing guy <3
- I have 4 Best Friends: Jaden, Jacob, Alexander And Valentine.
-Im eather the sweetest person you'll ever Meet, Or the Biggest Bitch.
-Dont hit on me or Flirt with me please.

I Want Nothing More Than To Be In Your Arms While We Sleep Again 

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